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  The Borgess Tree of Love tree fills with lights, one donation at a time. Help us illuminate the entire tree.
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You know your money can’t buy everything, but it can provide a mammogram for a woman who cannot afford one. In turn that mammogram might save her life.

Nearly one in every five women can’t afford the insurance coverage or the money to get a lifesaving mammogram that can help them detect breast cancer early.

Your gift to the Borgess Tree of Love campaign helps uninsured, low income women receive mammography services at Borgess, while honoring or remembering someone special to you.

Every $8 donation to the Borgess Tree of Love will help a woman receive a mammogram, as well as allow donors to honor or remember someone important in their lives. (Each honoree will be mailed a special acknowledgment card.) Every $80 donation will sponsor a mammogram for a woman and allow donors to honor or remember up to 10 people.

Gifts are accepted all year to help women in our community - make your gift of support today here.

Current Sponsors

Presenting Sponsor
Dr. & Mrs. Stephen Peck, MD

Pink Ribbon Sponsor
John & Joanne Lawrence
Premier Radiology
Mary L. Tyler & The Tyler Little Family Foundation

Table Sponsor
Lake Michigan Credit Union

Tree Donor Sponsor
Richard & Kathy Dirrenberger
Caroline Novak
Sylvia Laraway
Battle Creek Area Catholic Schools

Luminary Sponsor
Patrick Dyson
Tony & Theresa McDonnell
Scott & Laura Oliver
Marjaneh Rouhani, MD
Dr. & Mrs. Mark Krinock
Marie Rogers
Daryl & Robin Rynd
Gretchen Baker
Sarah & Alan Chase
Woodbridge Immediate Medical Care Doctors, PAs, Nurses and Staff

Angel Sponsor
American Metal Fab, Inc.
Todd & Julie Ream
Jane Bainbridge
Rachel Polinski & Craig Thompson
Barbara Parfet
Julie Rogers & Ed Orloff
Elizabeth A. Burns, MD
Tim Fischell
Ruth Friar & Bud Bender
Jack & Joanne Lawrence
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Brown
Mr. Greg & Dr. Melinda Dobson
Mr. & Mrs. Lowell B. Mason, Jr.
Mr. & Mrs. William English
Robert & Betty Pobuda
Jim & Leslie Babel
Amy Shipley
Dr. Almario & Rosalinda Garaza

Tomosynthesis Sponsor
Joe & Jane Brogger
Dr. Lauretta Cillan-Chung
David S. Davenport, MD
Reginald W. Dickson
Alice & Joseph Doe
Fourth Presbyterian Church
Cindy Gaines
Linda B. Grdina
Shawn & Nicole Hall
David L. Halley, MD
James and Jane Haviland
Dr. Alan Hovestadt
Azra Jabeen, MD
Charles B. Knappen, III
Alex & Nic Oprescu
Barbara McKinney
Tungia Morris
RiverRun Press
Susan Split
Daniel & Vicki Stewart
Ruth Ann Uggen
Dr. & Mrs. Michael Warlick
Shirani Wijay-Samarasinha


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